As with other non-profit organizations, the muscles of the Crisis Pregnancy Center are those who volunteer in a variety of capacities.  Each of us has God-given talents and we have developed skills that are useful to others.  If the Lord leads you to work at the CPC as a volunteer, please call or email to find out the procedure for joining with us to be servants to those who are in crisis.


what-we-need-2 What  we need

Gently used and new baby clothes sizes preemie to 12 months

Gently used and new maternity clothes – all sizes

Diapers – all sizes

High chairs, portable play pens, and strollers (Clean and in good condition)

Baby bathtubs, towels, grooming kits, shampoo, diaper wipes, powder, and lotion


If you are interested in joining our mission, which is to be a life-affirming resource to women, men and families encountering the issues of an unplanned pregnancy, including grief over past abortions, and to promote premarital sexual abstinence, give us a call. We have many different volunteer opportunities to fit your availability. Please call our office at 775-826-5144 to find out more.


It would seem wonderfully apparent that our God continues to transport the wounded to our doors. They are coming from all walks of life as the word spreads of the love of God that resides herein. It is true that it is not clear to them why they feel a sense of tranquility and evaporated emotional turmoil upon arrival. However, we know. We are aware that those who love God are standing together in faith with intercession for them. Thank you, fellow life lover. We thank you so much for staying the course, pressing in and remaining steadfast in these turbulent and menacing times. The Lord continues to bless us with people like you as the backbone of this divine ministry. Thank you for joining us to do all you can for the most innocent among us. Click here to donate now.